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Sustainable Real Estate

Measuring What Matters With GRESB

Reap the benefits of improved building performance and confidently report on your sustainability efforts

Learn all you need to know about ESG reporting requirements, legislative pressures for ESG disclosure and best practices around asset-level reporting

Topics Covered


Increasing relevance of ESG in Real Estate; Identify the Risks and Opportunities


Key considerations when applying the GRESB framework in ESG reporting


Streamline data management processes, from data collection to analysis and reporting

Meet The Speakers


Colin Ma - CEO at Fabriq
Colin started his career in Silicon Valley and has over twenty years of experience developing and distributing digital solutions across a number of categories. Colin holds an MBA from London Business School and a BA in Economics from the University of California.


Reg Coker - Senior Data Analyst at Fabriq
Reg joined Fabriq as a Senior Data Analyst in 2017. Since then he worked on a number of sustainability projects and is heavily involved in Fabriq's data partnership with GRESB. Prior to Fabriq, Reg spent nearly 20 years as a Data Analyst in the Banking sector

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With investors putting more and more pressure on sustainability of assets in the real estate world, the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) is becoming a critical tool for remaining competitive.