Fabriq is driving digitalisation and building optimisation in the energy-services sector

At the beginning of 2019, Amber Energy partnered with Fabriq to take their energy analytics to the next level. Their team of experts understands the importance of data and the role it plays in building optimization; they needed a platform that lived up to the challenge. Equally as important was the requirement for a platform that could support Amber in managing a large number of customers across thousands of sites in Europe.


Key Challenges 


  • Data Management - With over 40 customers, 1,400 buildings and 3,500 meters, Amber’s analysts had a huge job on their hands. There was an urgent need to consolidate data sources into a central platform that enabled Amber to monitor each feed, and identify issues or faults by exception.

  • Analytics and Reporting - Every customer has different requirements, business metrics and level of technical understanding. Amber needed to find a way to create bespoke reports that provided their customers with the relevant information that also could be automated and standardised.

  • Building Optimisation - With such an extensive list of buildings and meter points to monitor, it’s is unrealistic to think an analyst could effectively track performance and identify issues. Amber had to find a way to detect outliers automatically and benchmark entire portfolios at a time to highlight the worst performing sites.

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Data Management Technology for the Energy Sector

The energy sector is under constant pressure to do more with less. To improve the services they offer whilst at the same time cutting costs. Digitalisation drives growth in the energy sector. Complex and energy intensive building services limit transparency and becomes a root cause for utility waste, which is difficult to detect and diagnose.

Technology can help the energy sector meet these challenges. Our solutions span data and information, systems and services. Helping ensure information is available securely to those that need it, when they need it. We can ensure you have the infrastructure to deploy new software and technologies as you strive to improve the services you provide. We offer a range of cloud services to support your agenda, from Data Management, through Analytics and Reporting, Building Optimisation and ESG Compliance 

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